paper petition presented to the Ontario Legislative Assembly with preamble and table for signatures
Please tell them NO psychotherapy cuts:
Write the Ministry of Health and sign online petitions
Please tell them NO psychotherapy cuts:
Write the Ministry of Health and sign online petitions


Our Official Objections to the Ontario Legislature

This section shows our Ontario Legislature petition in collaboration with Dissociative Society of Canada and Sick of Cuts. It was presented in the House three times (December 9 and 12, 2019 and March 3, 2020). Before COVID shut down this initiative, we obtained approximately 1200 signatures.

This section includes video excerpts from the House visual record, our letter to Minister Elliott that accompanied the petitions delivered December 9, 2019, and online petitions and email for further advocacy.


Tell Them:

No Cuts to Psychotherapy

Minister of Health Christine Elliott in foreground, with three health care workers in background taken at Ontario Shores press conference

Dear Minister Elliott,


I am writing to urgently request that you remove the Ministry of Health’s proposal to limit the Ontario Health Insurance Plan coverage for psychotherapy provided by a doctor to a maximum of 24 hours per year per patient.


This mandated limitation will harm people who cannot afford to privately purchase the psychotherapy sessions that are essential to alleviate their suffering and anguish. The loss of affordable access to care will create serious repercussions for themselves, their families and their communities across the province.


The pandemic has exacerbated the need for existing mental health services to continue without the threat of privatization.


Please protect quality mental health care for Ontarians today and in the future who need appropriate, specialized care for severe and persistent mental or emotional distress.



and automated email below

Dear Minister Elliott,

I am emailing you today to urge the province to protect OHIP funding for physician delivered psychotherapy. These services are vital for addressing the growing mental health crisis.


By protecting OHIP funding for these services, Ontario's healthcare system can proactively help people with mental health considerations, which helps not only those patients, but the province at large.

Thank you for considering my concerns, petition, an "Remove the Cap on Psychotherapy," an electronic version of paper petition submitted to Ontario Legislature
Please sign the online version of our petition and others related to psychotherapy cuts

Preserve Publicly Funded Psychotherapy

Before It's Too Late